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Dates Location Name Website Results
14th — 18th September 2018 Syzran’ "Cup of Russia — Rostelecom" 1st stop
2nd — 6th October 2018 Yoshkar-Ola "Cup of Russia — Rostelecom" 2nd stop
16th — 20th October 2018 Krasnoyarsk "Cup of Russia — Rostelecom" 3rd stop
6th — 10th November 2018 Kazan "Cup of Russia — Rostelecom" 4th stop
20th — 24th November 2018 Moscow V этап «Кубка России – Ростелеком» - Открытый чемпионат г. Москвы
18th — 22nd February 2019 Velikiy Novgorod "Cup of Russia — Rostelecom" Finals

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